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LinkedIn: From Profile to Content Strategy and Network Management

Ivona Hirschi
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From 700 to 17,144 followers. | From 610 views to 1,699,656 impressions.

In 2022, I started my leadership training business, and I chose two platforms to build my brand on. LinkedIn and Medium.

LinkedIn, with more than 930 million members, is the most influential platform in the professional world. It is no longer a storage for your CV but an interactive network fuelled by its users. LinkedIn keeps you up to date, inspires growth, and connects you with businesses and individuals around the globe.

Regular content and an optimized profile can open many doors for you.

It happens people often ask me:

  • "What should I put on my profile?"
  • "What should I write about? What are people interested in?"
  • "How to be consistent and have a plan?"
  • "How do you create infographics?"

And so, I have decided to create a private/small group course that will give you answers and teach you what I have learned about LinkedIn so far.

This is the agenda you can expect:

1 Meeting: Introduction to LI & Profile

Firstly, we will dig deeper into LinkedIn psychology and ensure a polished profile.

·          LinkedIn foundation and specifications

·          Defining your goals and ‘niche’ (target audience)

·          Profile: Intro and search function

·          Profile: Best first impressions

·          Profile: Summary and experience

·          Profile: Skills and recommendations

·          Practical examples (good vs. bad)

2 Meeting: Content

In this block, we will create different types of posts and content:

·          Content Strategy (planning and lifestyle integration)

·          What LinkedIn likes and bits about the algorithm

·          Introduction to storytelling (and finding your voice)

·          Content creation (planning, daily content workflow, content matrix, topic research)

·          Copywriting (aka how to write better and not bore your network)

·          Practices for different types of (visually appealing) content (e.g., video, carousels, infographics)

·          Using analytics to repurpose and circle your content

 3 Meeting: Network management

Network management is the key to using LinkedIn’s potential for your goals:

·          How to grow your network

·          Engagement (commenting, posting in groups, and keeping in touch with your current network)

·          How to connect with new people without sounding vague or too salesy

·          How to manage connection requests and your current network

 ·         Finding the right connection

·          Curation of your feed

You can find many LinkedIn courses. Why should you trust me?

  • Many LinkedIn courses are offline. You spend XX+ dollars on pre-recorded videos. If you have questions, you don't get answers. Ultimately, they are generic and not tailored to your situation. We will try to build a system that works for you and your goals.
  • I am no LinkedIn guru. I will not beat algorithms. LinkedIn is not my main business but a TOOL I use to build a brand, grow my network, and ultimately business opportunities.
  • We will look at LinkedIn from a user perspective and explore its business potential in your specific case.
  • We will meet three times online and discuss the materials I prepared for you, answer questions, and practice.
  • I am a motivated millennial with experience in leadership, communication, and marketing. I have worked through startups, corporate companies, and a career transition. I will understand the stage of your career you are at.

Course price:

  • 449,- EUR
  • Including profile optimization tips - if you book a specialist for that, expect to pay at least 299,-
  • Including content strategy - video courses are around 150,- and go up to 1000,- if they teach you to write too
  • Including network management - if you book a virtual assistant, you may pay 5,-/h but also 499,- a month.
  • You can present the price as a business expense. Happy to prepare an attendance certificate.

Clients also say about working with me:

"Recently our women@eBay team had the pleasure to join a training prepared by Ivona on Communication with respect. What I liked already during the first interaction with Ivona was that she wanted to know how our team is structured, what the problems we face are, and what we expect from the training. She then took all these inputs and provided tailor-made training for our team. We got very positive feedback from our team members and as a result, I am sure we will find opportunities to meet Ivona again for another training in the future. Thank you for the very professional delivery of the training, Ivona!"

- Product Marketing Manager

​"I attended more than one of Ivona's training sessions. They were on different topics, and I can say that they were all insightful, extremely clear, fun, and to the point! And that is saying something! I honestly recommend her as a trainer, she knows her stuff!"

- Business Founder

​“The communication training was great. Ivona is very professional and prepared a very informative feedback workshop. I enjoyed the exercises about giving and receiving feedback.”

- Deputy Director

​“Ivona's leadership training was a good experience. She helped me understand the role and impact of leadership in an organization. ”

- Customer Service Specialist

Hope to talk to you soon! Ivona

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3x Private Live Online Meeting (length 1.5 h each)

Profile Optimization
Content Strategy & Post Production
Network Management & Engagement


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LinkedIn: From Profile to Content Strategy and Network Management

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