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Leading Hybrid Teams

Ivona Hirschi
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Leaders thought everything would soon be back to normal.

They were wrong.

I remember discussing remote work with my colleagues in March before the first lockdown. One said remote work was the future of work. The other thought it would never be possible as teamwork would deteriorate.

Who was right?

Both. After two to three years of remote work, many teams struggle to find a balance between WFH and WFO.

Leaders have tolerated special circumstances but lost touch with their teams. To fix it, your teams are forced to come to the office 2-3 days a week. Despite this, being present at the office is not the only way to deal with team challenges.

This management guide helps leaders rethink ways how to lead hybrid teams. Work hasn't changed. Although neither did the teams, leaders must find a way to engage with their teams to improve teamwork and communication.

There will always be some hiccups, but the key is to create and maintain team spirit. Collaboration is what you seek, not perfection.

You'll find answers to these questions:

  • Is hybrid work the future?
  • What are the advantages and challenges of hybrid teams?
  • What investment should you consider?
  • What leadership mindset and values are critical?
  • What strategies could help team building?
  • What are common mistakes in leading hybrid teams?
  • How can you integrate team members into the hybrid model?

Do not wait for things to fix themselves. Help your team to find their way within a hybrid model of work.

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Leading Hybrid Teams

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